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1 Statement

All our market segments are transforming towards a sustainable energy future. With our solutions, we help our customers to reach their sustainability targets.

Fabrice Billard,
CEO Burckhardt Compression

2 Financials


Order intake 2023
in CHF mn

The fiscal year 2023 marks a successful continuation of our transformation towards a sustainable energy future, with notable achievements in order intake, sales, and operating income.

3 Systems Division

Order intake

in CHF mn



in CHF mn


Operating income (EBIT)

in CHF mn


The Systems Division recorded a further increase in operating income of +57% thanks to strong sales growth and operational excellence.

4 Services Division

Order intake

in CHF mn



in CHF mn


Operating income (EBIT)

in CHF mn


The Services Division recorded a further profitability increase with 24.6% return on sales.

5 Milestones


More than 99% of greenhouse gas emissions occur at our customers, in the use phase of a compressor. With BC ACTIVATE we enhance sustainability and reliability in all compressor systems. More than 50 compressors have been analyzed so far, and a potential saving of 3'700 CO2 tons per year have been identified.

Standard Diaphragm Compressor Package for Europe

2023 we launched a Standard Diaphragm Compressor Package enabling easy transport and handling. The separation of the compression space from the crank mechanism ensures the purity of the gas. This innovation supports the European hydrogen fuel network.

Largest order in the company history for solar-panel-related applications

2023 we won the largest order in our history for solar-panel-related applications. Our compressors are essential for the production of the thin plastic film covering solar panels. This order of > CHF 100 mn is a testament to the trust given by our customers.

Artificial Intelligence for productivity and growth

2023 we defined a strategy on Artificial Intelligence. By using AI, we can increase productivity. First proof-of-concepts demonstrated how generative AI can help us to grow our business sustainably. While GenAI is in focus for internal use cases, other AI applications have been in use for many years in our products and services to predict failures and optimize operations in compressor systems.

Over 93% participation rate in employee engagement survey

We want to make sure that our employees remain engaged and conducted an employee engagement survey. Overall, we had an impressive participation rate of over 93%. We are pleased with the overall positive ratings and will put the employee feedback into concrete optimization actions.

6 Sustainability

With sustainability at the core of our strategy and purpose, we aim to make a significant contribution toward a sustainable energy future.

7 People

At Burckhardt Compression, we want people to perform at their best and grow. That is why we encourage our employees to follow their interests and further their education.

8 Outlook

We enter the fiscal year 2024 with a solid order backlog, a strong balance sheet, and a good momentum in both divisions.